Origin Story


SPiFF Passé is a Bay Area-Based streetwear brand that showcases the connection between art and fashion through designs that convey emotions many can relate to but have trouble expressing. By utilizing a community-centered mindset, the brand has become a platform that uplifts the creatives we have the pleasure of working with and inspires others to believe that their dreams are valid too.

The Past.

SPiFF P. is a brand I started with a group of my high school friends after years of feeling lost and battling depression. The early days of the brand can be understood through the mission statement I wrote the year I graduated from San Franscico State University:

“SPiFF Passé exists because a handful of college students got tired of underachieving, realizing that the futures they dreamed about since the 6th grade were never going to materialize if they continued on the path they were following. 

SPiFF Passé exists because a group of homies from Sunnyvale, CA wanted to stand for something that the average, hardworking, individual could look at and realize that life is way too precious to waste on mundane activities they don't really give a damn about. 

SPiFF Passé exists because we don't want anyone--and we mean anyone-- to look back 50 years from now and feel like they wasted their potential.

We make dope shirts that represent the vibes of the past that will never die, stickers for our supporters to slap everywhere, and fire that's about to release for everyone to rock. 

But we hope you all look at us and see more– see that we're not just a streetwear brand looking to get that money; we're a group of overachieving underachievers trying to make something of ourselves.

SPiFF Passé. 

The spiffy out of style. 

The vibes so dope your parents are asking for a tee. 

The physical manifestation of the aspirations of the youth of this generation.”

-Eric Eroles, Oct. 2016

The Present.

SPiFF P. has evolved a lot since then, but the energy I wrote that mission statement with in 2016 is as present as ever; that mentality born from a younger me that had finally figured out what matters most is what pushed the brand to where it is today. 

I don’t take for granted that the dreams I naivedly tossed to the side as a teenager are now coming to life in ways I never thought possible. I’m not quite where I hope to be, but the last few years building SPiFF Passé has made me more confident than ever in my ability to connect my art and emotions to the streetwear I design and the community I represent.