LIFE AFTER: My Birthday

I’ve never been good at celebrating my birthday.

I never felt comfortable celebrating a new year of my life because as sad as it sounds, I couldn’t really see what there was to be so excited about. But the past few years, I’ve decided to treat my birthday as a time to reflect on how far I’ve gotten when it comes to reaching my dreams—specifically how far I’ve taken SPiFF Passé.

Recently, I decided that I didn’t want to see things that way anymore. I wanted to give myself a reason to celebrate. To do that, I’ve made my birthday an occasion where I do something rad with SPiFF. Last year I did a giveaway for a 1/1 custom SPiFF piece; this year I decided to drop the 100% Deku Collection.

It’s my way of hyping up a day in my life that I wrongly tricked myself into thinking didn’t matter. It’s my way of showing myself that I’m happy I get to be around for another year.

I worked my butt off to get this drop ready by this weekend with the help of a ton of other rad creators because I want to show myself where SPiFF is now after a year of breaking all the way down and building myself all the way back up. Honestly, after the rollercoaster of a year that I just had, it’d be nice to see how many people I’ve impacted through the streetwear I design, art I draw, and videos I’ve made.

I’ve never been good at celebrating my birthday.

But I realize now, that it’s cause I’ve always felt alone. So this year it’s kinda nice that thanks to all y’all, I don’t feel so lonely.

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